Alasala Colleges

Alasala Colleges

Marketing 360 including social media, BR, Registration campaigns and street signs designs


Al-Asalah is one of the leading private colleges in Dammam that has developed an ambitious vision to achieve academic excellence and inspire students to lead society and achieve sustainable development in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Media buying(ADS)

Marketing advertising campaigns are among the most important methods that help to achieve marketing objectives. we have been worked on Registration campaigns and the selection of the right type of advertising and the most effective means to publish it, in addition to identifying the right categories for this advertising campaign and the right .message for it And achieve records in terms of the number of clicks, registration and inquiries.

Public Relations

We has been work to strengthen public relations in Alasala, In terms of activating events that benefit students and ,employees Such as: Alasala winter, International Days: Mother's Day, Blood Donation Day..

Marketing Strategy Plans

We has been work on a preliminary study and a detailed research for the way that fit the image of Alasala and that will help convey the voice of Alasala by supporting students through the programs and features .

Social Media Platforms

We managed their social media platforms in all the posts and motion graphic videos for registration campaigns, international days, contracting and collaborations and reflected the brand identity


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